Alcoholics Anonymous

Central Service Office Adelaide

24 Hour Help

1300 222 222


Office 08 8221 6888 ...  24 hr 08 8221 6999 

Please read the '5 to stay alive' poster.




16th - Sunday. Council Meeting at 2pm.  See Flyer.



13th to 15th - Friday to Sunday. Corny Point Camp. See Flyer.

17th - Tuesday. Kilburn International guest speaker. See Flyer.

20th to 22nd - Friday to Sunday. Naracoorte Caves Camp. For full details, See Flyer.






1st to 5th - Thursday to Monday. the 56th Australian National AA Convention is being held in our beautiful city, Adelaide.  For all the latest up to date information, be sure to check out the website The convention will be held at Hilton Adelaide Hotel 233 Victoria Square, Adelaide, SA.



Easy Does It
First Things First
Live And Let Live
But For The Grace Of God
One Day At Time
Let Go And Let God
Kiss --- Keep It Super Simple
Act As If.........
This Too Shall Pass