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Easing of restrictions!! Some Meetings Are Resuming [with conditions!].

Please note, the online meetings list is being regularly updated - and   has been upgraded - you can now easily search for reopened meetings or online meetings. Please keep a check of meetings in your area.

Christmas Notices - Meetings Open.

Elizabeth - Midway Community House, 48 Midway Road, Elizabeth East. 10am until 2pm. Come join us on Christmas Day for Celebration with the Fellowship! See the Flyer.

Maslins Beach – The Community Centre, Parkway Drive Maslins Beach, 7pm to 8:30pm

Christmas Notices - Meetings Closed.

Norwood Friday 7:30 pm meeting will be closed on Christmas day Friday 25 Dec 2020 but will be open again the following week Friday 1 January 2021, New Years day starting at 7:30 pm. This is a Covid Safe meeting with a registered Covid-Safe Plan and Covid Marshals.



** Adelaide - Online Only - Saturday 12.00pm. Zoom ID 2223019475 Password 94014 Notice expiry 08/01/21

** Adelaide - Saturday Breakfast Meeting, Saturday 7.30am Box Factory Community Centre, 59 Regent Street South. Closed meeting (alcoholics only). The meeting is upstairs, which are accessed via the right side of the building.  Notice expiry 29/11/20

** Adelaide AA Athiests & Agnostics  on Zoom - Opening Night: Monday 7th September. See Flyer for details.  Notice expiry 27/11/20

** Payneham Primary Purpose Group - Sunday 3.30pm Payneham Community Centre 374 Payneham Rd  Notice expiry 20/11/20



** Goolwa Tuesday - New venue beginning 5th January 2021. Notice expiry 05/04/21

** Southside Serenity - Thursday 7.00pm has moved from Hackham to Christies Beach, Baptist Church, 8 Fowey St.   Notice expiry 01/12/20

** Parkside - Sunday 5:00pm has moved back to St Oswald Church Hall, 5 St. Anns Pl. Face To Face meeting resumed with max 34 present.  Notice expiry 24/11/20

** Bedford Park Group - Sunday 7.00pm - Moved to Cosgrove Hall, 40-50 York Ave Clovelly Park.  Notice expiry 04/11/20



** Christies Beach Saturday 7.00pm has closed.  Notice expiry 03/01/21

** Cumberland Park Monday 10:30am has closed.  Notice expiry 31/11/20

** Penola Tuesday 7.30pm has closed.   Notice expiry 31/11/20



Easy Does It
First Things First
Live And Let Live
But For The Grace Of God
One Day At Time
Let Go And Let God
Kiss --- Keep It Super Simple
Act As If.........
This Too Shall Pass