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Due to SA Health instructions all face to face meetings are closed from 6pm Tuesday 20th July until further notice. The meetings lists are NOT being altered at this time but please do look for online meetings you may wish to attend during this time.


Please note, the online meetings list is being regularly updated - and   has been upgraded - you can now easily search for in-person meetings or online meetings. Please keep a check of meetings in your area.


Regarding 'AA-Oztralia Unity Recovery Group – Daily Meetings on Paltalk', please scroll to the bottom of the page.



** Christies Beach - Women Living Sober. Sundays at 4pm.  It is a 1-hour meeting.  At is at the Baptist Church, 8 Fowey Street, Christies Beach.  It is child friendly.  Please enter through the glass doors at the back entrance.  Contact is Janna 0449 765 580.   Notice expiry 10/10/21

** Victor Harbor Serenity - Wednesday 7:30 pm.  90-minute meeting.  Newland Memorial Church, Lower Hall, 28 Victoria St.   Notice expiry 04/10/21

** Glenelg North Young Person's Meeting - Friday 6:30pm. Community Centre, Kibby Reserve, Alison Street. For further information or to get involved, contact Rosie on 0436 111 900 Notice expiry 26/08/21

** Kilburn "The 12 x 12 Rocks!" - Wednesday 6:30pm. Room 1, 59 Gladstone Ave. Notice expiry 26/08/21

** Christies Beach Big Book Study Group - Wednesday 7pm. Baptist Church, 8 Fowey St. Notice expiry 22/07/21




** Loxton Tuesday Night Meeting now starts at 7:30 pm instead of 8:00 pm.   Notice expiry 16/10/21

** Salisbury Saturday has re-opened and is now a Beginners Meeting.   Notice expiry 02/10/21

** Roxby Downs. Friday at 8:00 pm is open again.   Notice expiry 22/09/21

** Norwood Group Friday 7:30pm has moved to St. Matthew's Homes Hall, 67 Bridge St. in Kensington. Notice expiry 28/08/21

** North Adelaide Tuesday 6:00 pm has changed their start time to 6:30 pm. Notice expiry 6/08/21

** Murray Bridge 7pm (the original meeting) has changed from Wednesday to Monday - same venue, Salvation Army Hall, 4 Fourth St See Flyer. Notice expiry 19/07/21




** AA Adelaide Online Sunday 9:00pm. This meeting has closed. Notice expiry 31/08/21




AA-Oztralia Unity Recovery Group – Daily Meetings On Paltalk

-- Saturday Serenity Meeting 9:30pm (room opens 9pm) - Southern Cross AA Meeting Group

--Sunday to Friday Meeting 9:30pm (room opens 9pm) - AA Australia Unity Recovery Group   Mondays we host a Book Study meeting and Tuesdays we host a Guest Speaker meeting with National & International Speakers.


Group Secretary (Misha) E: 

1. For PALTALK meetings Get nickname and password login. Free version is ideal.

2. To Find our Room: ”AA Unity Australia Recovery Group” and “Southern Cross AA Meeting Room” … This can be found under Chat Rooms >> Health >> Overcoming-Addiction
3. "Follow" the room to ensure you can join at the time our meeting rooms open – Please observe group protocol and NO WEBCAMS.

Current AA Online Meeting Start Times Are: Adelaide 930pm, Sydney 10:00 pm, New York 8:00am, UK 1:00pm. Meeting Room opens 30 mins before start time.  The AA Australia Unity Recovery Group holds topic meetings every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.  You can also join us each week in The AA Unity Room for a Book Studymeeting on Monday and a Guest Speaker meeting each Tuesday. Every Saturday you will find us in The Southern Cross AA Meeting Room for The Saturday Serenity Meeting (times as above). 

A reminder that Tradition 7 donations may be made through your nearest Intergroup/CSO Office with an acknowledgment to Online Meetings.   **** Please note we now have a general enquiry email 

*** Please note you won’t be able to enter the room unless a meeting is opened prior to start or when the meeting is in progress.




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First Things First
Live And Let Live
But For The Grace Of God
One Day At Time
Let Go And Let God
Kiss --- Keep It Super Simple
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This Too Shall Pass