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Please, stay safe and follow the recommended health warnings.


PLEASE - Become familiar with Online 7th tradition donations.  If our meetings are closed, the office still needs to be fundedThe 7th tradition.                                        Please read the '5 to stay alive' poster.

Please note, the online meetings list is being regularly updated - keep a check of meetings in your area


IMPORTANT - February '21 letter from our General Service Board... Please read it!! 




1st to 4th - Friday to Monday. Napperby Camp. See Flyer for details.

8th - Friday. Port Adelaide Old Timers Meeting. See Flyer for details.

19th - Tuesday. AA South Australia 74th Anniversary. Hosted by the Kilburn Group. See Flyer for details.

29th -  Friday. AA SA Comes Of Age. 4 speakers of 40+ years of sobriety each. See Flyer for details.





3rd to 5th - Friday to Sunday. Port Hughes Rally. See Flyer for details.






22nd to 24th - Friday to Sunday. National Convention in Melbourne. First Flyer.


Easy does it
First things first
Live and let live
Think - Think - Think
One day at a time
Let go and let God
Keep it simple
This too shall pass