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Our Address

586 Main Ave, Building 42
Main City, Country 12345-6789

T: (555) 123 - 4567
F: (555) 523 - 4567


Office 08 8221 6888 ...  24 hr 08 8221 6999 Please circulate the flyer to spread the news.

Please read the '5 to stay alive' poster.

Dogs at meetings..... Please read the Flyer.

The Golden Recordings of Father John Doe - Now available on USB or DVD!! See Flyer.

SEMA4Serenity now hosts a BBQ on the 1st Thursday of each month.  Uniting Church Hall, 146 Semaphore Rd.

The 2021 National AA Convention will be held in Adelaide. Please consider joining the Host Planning Committee. Details, See Flyer. Notice expiry 1/04/19

 Please read our new 7th Tradition notice.




16th August - Friday. Norwood Group 65th Anniversary. Meeting at 7:30 pm followed by supper at 9:00 pm. Salvation Army Complex, 55 George St. in Norwood. Bring a plate & a friend!

17th August - Saturday. Kadina Group 9th Anniversary. Dinner provided at 5:30 pm. Meeting to follow at 7:00 pm. Anglican Church Café, 24 Hay St. off Taylor St. behind church in Kadina. All welcome!

16th August - Sunday. Bedford Park Group 42nd Anniversary. Meeting at 7:00 pm. Supper at 8:00 pm after 1-hr meeting. Flinders Medical Centre main entrance, first door on left. Feel free to bring a plate to share.


** Henley Beach has a new Topic Meeting on Fridays at 10.00 am. (1hr meeting) children very welcome. Emotional Sobriety: The next Frontier). Henley Beach Library, Parking at rear. (Private room in the library). 378 Seaview Rd, Henley Beach. See Flyer. Notice expiry 16/11/19

** Cumberland Park has a new Topic Meeting on Saturdays at 6.30pm. Community Centre, 390 Goodwood Rd, Cumberland Park. See Flyer.  Notice expiry 23/10/19



** Roxby Downs - Wednesday and Saturday meetings are now closed down.  Notice expiry 08/10/19

** Coffin Bay Monday meeting will be closed in the winter - June1 to August  31. Contact: Chris 0427 944 985 or Ken 0427 854 585 Notice expiry 01/09/19




** Starting August 11 Salisbury Sunday will convert to a Topic Meeting. Topics for August are as follows: Sobriety (Aug. 11); Powerless (Aug. 18); Decisions (Aug. 25). Meeting is at 7:00 pm at the Lutheran Church Hall, 10 Waterloo Corner Rd.  Notice expiry 30/12/19

** The Monday Hackham Beginners Step Study Meeting has a new start time of 7:00 pm, not at 7:30 pm. Hackham Baptist Family Church, 88 Penneys Hill Rd.  Notice expiry 30/12/19

** Coffin Bay Monday meeting will be closed in the winter - June1 to August  31. Contact: Chris 0427 944 985 or Ken 0427 854 585 Notice expiry 01/09/19

** Davoren park Saturday lunchtime meeting - has now been changed to 1.30pm start.

** Hackham Southside Serenity is out of recess and has a new venue and time. The new meeting is on Thursdays at 7:30 pm and is an hour-long meeting.  The new venue is the Baptist Family Church, 88 Penneys Hill Rd. in Hackham. Notice expiry 31/08/19   

** The Payneham Meeting has a new start time. The meeting now starts at 7:00 pm, not at 8:00 pm.  374 Payneham Rd. Notice expiry 31/08/19    

** The Renmark Wednesday Big Book Study Meeting has a new start time. The meeting now starts at 7:00 pm, not at 8:00 pm.  86 19th St. in Renmark. Notice expiry 31/08/19

** Hackham Steps  on Monday night has shifted it’s commencement time to 7.00pm not 7.30pm Notice expiry 31/08/19







Easy Does It
First Things First
Live And Let Live
But For The Grace Of God
One Day At Time
Let Go And Let God
Kiss --- Keep It Super Simple
Act As If.........
This Too Shall Pass